Altitude Soaps, LLC

Buford, Wyoming


Altitude Soaps LLC is a Wyoming-based artisan soap company where the motto is “beautiful and functional, handmade at Altitude.” It’s not enough for me that a humble soap should simply work; it needs to bring joy, and I accomplish this by utilizing a wide array of colors, of lovely fragrances, and fun designs you just can’t get from your local grocery store.

I’m also looking to break into custom work, so if you need a gift for your bridal shower, wedding shower, baby shower or whatever, consider the benefits of a custom batch of soap or guest soaps:

  • They’re a healthy alternative to junk food.
  • They’re cheaper than jewelry.
  • Uniqueness! Chances are, no one else will have the exact color and fragrance combination I’ll work with you to select. Even if they did, the design would probably be different.
  • It’s personal; I’ll work with you to design the soap or soap favors, so they reflect you, your wedding, or your event in a way that ready-made items can’t really do (being ready-made).
  • It says “I care.” In this modern world, people wash their hands a lot, and the synthetic detergents most people call “soap” are extremely efficient. Then, people also use even more of brutal hand sanitizers. Artisan soap gets you clean, but it’s gentler than a detergent or hand sanitizer, giving overwrought skin a bit of a reprieve.
  • They’re useful, so they won’t hang around on a shelf most days out of the year.
  • They don’t require long-term storage; the recipient enjoys them while they last, then they have the memories of the event—and the soap gifted to them.

So if you need a great gift, have a look at my website and see if anything catches your eye. If you need a unique gift, get in contact with me through my website, and we’ll see what kind of gorgeous soap can be worked out for you.

~Martha Tumer,

Soap Artist, Altitude Soaps LLC

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